Portfolio Company Profile


$460M Revenue



pie chart

5.7x Debt-to-EBITDA

Asset Type

chart Asset Type
First Lien Senior Secured 78%
Second Lien Senior Secured 18%
Equity Investments 2%
Investment Funds and Vehicles 1%
Unsecured Debt 1%

Interest Rate Type

Floating Rate 99%
Fixed 1%

Geographic Diversification

chart Geographic Diversification
United States - South 42%
United States - Midwest 18%
United States - West 17%
United States - Northeast 17%
United Kingdom 3%
Canada 1%
Belgium 1%
Israel <1%

Industry Diversification

chart Industry Diversification
Internet Software and Services 11%
Insurance 9%
Food and Beverage 9%
Distribution 6%
Business Services 6%
Professional Services 6%
Buildings and Real Estate 6%
Manufacturing 5%
Healthcare Providers and Services 5%
Healthcare Equipment and Services 4%
Healthcare Technology 4%
Financial Services 3%
Aerospace and Defense 3%
Education 3%
Transportation 2%
Rest of Portfolio (14 Other Industries) 18%

All data as of 12/31/20. Borrower financials are derived from the most recently available portfolio company financial statements, have not been independently verified by Owl Rock, and may reflect a normalized or adjusted amount. Accordingly, Owl Rock makes no representation or warranty in respect of this information. This represents 93.8% of our total debt portfolio based on fair value and excludes certain investments that fall outside of our typical borrower profile.  Diversification will not guarantee profitability or protection against loss.